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    作者:http://www.kenguscpas.com 時間:2021-03-15

    1、 High automation program, short distance transportation
    Today in the 21st century, automation technology is slowly changing people's lives, automatic feeding mixer is just like this. From water and material feeding to mixing and discharging, each step requires only one worker to operate in the cab. There is little labor demand and orderly steps. There is no need to go back to the previous time when a group of people stirred the latte, and there is no need to rush to pour water and materials.
    In terms of automatic feeding mixer, once the bucket shovels more materials, the eversion unloading function can dump more materials at any time, accurately grasp the proportion, and shovel at any time, which is full of convenience.
    After the concrete mixing is completed, the mixer truck can be transported to the construction site at any time. If it is a road construction project, the workers only need to level the materials unloaded by the mixer truck.
    2、 Save time, labor and expenditure
    As we all know, there are a lot of expenses in the project, such as labor cost and material cost. Sometimes, after careful accounting, the foreman has no profit at all. This is also the reason why many foremen choose the self loading mixer.
    When one person operates and one person assists in placing materials, the labor cost can be saved a lot. When raw material prices are used to churn out finished concrete, the material cost can be saved a lot compared with commercial concrete.
    The automatic feeding mixer can produce 3.5 cubic meters of material every 12 minutes, and nearly 20 cubic meters of material every hour. Compared with manual production, the efficiency is several times higher, the construction period is shortened, and the next project can be started quickly, saving money. Why not?
    3、 High cost performance, strong practicability, can meet a variety of engineering needs
    There are many kinds of small and medium-sized projects, such as building houses, building buildings, repairing tunnels, bridges, roads, slope protection, foundation and so on.
    Some projects need to climb, turn and walk along roads, some projects need to be constructed in plateau areas, some projects need concrete of different strength, and some rural construction roads are extremely narrow, so ordinary cars can't get in easily, but these can meet the requirements of automatic feeding mixer, with high cost performance and strong practicability, which solves many troubles in the project.
    In the era full of automation technology, no matter which industry, if it can't keep up with the trend, it will be eliminated. It's the natural law and the survival law from ancient times to the present.
    Today's wonderful content is provided by the self feeding mixer truck. We sincerely provide you with satisfactory service. If you have any questions or questions, please call us or enter our website: http://www.kenguscpas.com

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