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          A mobile concrete mixer is a machine that mixes cement, sand, aggregate and water and mixes them into a concrete mixture. It is mainly composed of mixing barrel, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission mechanism, frame and supporting device. Because only safe and reasonable equipment operation can improve the performance of the equipment, the following small series will introduce the safe operation procedure of the equipment.
          1.在駕駛以前,您務必認真仔細車輛的情況,以保證 車輛可以安全行車。
          1. Before driving, you must be careful about the condition of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle can drive safely.
          2.當移動混凝土攪拌車停放在室外時,攪拌桶應在放料前轉動,并應排出來堆積的水和碎渣,以保證 混凝土的產品質量。
          2. When the mobile concrete mixer truck is parked outdoors, the mixing bucket shall rotate before discharging, and the accumulated water and slag shall be discharged to ensure the quality of concrete products.
          3.運送混凝土時,保證 傾斜槽牢固放置,避免 因松脫而擺動,路人在行車中受傷或干擾別的車輛的正常情況下運行,與此同時特別注意避免 混凝土外溢和污染路面。
          3. When transporting concrete, ensure that the inclined groove is firmly placed to avoid swinging due to loosening, and pedestrians are injured in driving or interfere with the normal operation of other vehicles. At the same time, special attention should be paid to avoid concrete overflow and road pollution.
          4.移動混凝土攪拌車不可運送混凝土超出攪拌站需求的時間。在運送混凝土的中途,攪拌筒不可長期終止,以避免 混凝土的分離出來。駕駛人員應始終保持特別注意詳細情況,并在發現異常情況時通告主控室,并申請治療。
          4. The mobile concrete mixer can not transport the concrete beyond the time required by the mixing station. In the middle of transporting concrete, the mixing drum should not be terminated for a long time to avoid the separation of concrete. The driver should always pay special attention to the details, inform the main control room and apply for treatment in case of any abnormality.
          5. When the concrete is installed in the car, the stop time on the spot shall not exceed 1 hour. If the request is overtime, the person in charge on the spot should be required to deal with it in time.
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