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    Since the feeding mixer can only operate the boom after confirming that the support legs of the pump truck have been properly supported, the operation of the boom must be carried out in accordance with the sequence described in the operating procedures. Now let's take a look at the operation of the boom.
    In case of thunderstorm or bad weather, boom cannot be used for self loading mixer. The boom can not be used in the weather with wind force greater than 8; when operating the boom of the mixer, all parts of the boom should be in the view of the operator.
    When the mixer is working near the high-voltage line, it is necessary to be careful of the danger of electric shock and ensure the safe distance between the boom and the electric wire; below the boom is a dangerous area where concrete or other parts may fall and hurt people; people are not allowed to stand within the specified range of the end hose, and the end hose should not be guided when the mixer starts pumping, which may swing and hurt people or spray concrete to cause accidents.
    The dangerous area when starting the mixer is the area around the swing of the end hose. The area diameter is twice the length of the end hose. If the length of the end hose is larger than 3m, the diameter of the dangerous area is 6m; do not bend the end hose of the mixer truck, and the end hose cannot end into the concrete.
    If there is abnormal action of the mixer boom, press the emergency stop button immediately. It can be used only after the cause is found out and eliminated.
    The above is about the mixer boom operation. Boom as a backup support, in use must be standardized operation, in addition to pay attention to the safe distance between the boom and the wire.

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