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    1. 首先車體的規格必須符合的要求,規格主要參數要符合公示。
    1. First of all, the specifications of the car body must meet the requirements of, and the main parameters of the specifications shall comply with the public notice.
    2. 對于外協件及外購件必須要有生產廠的出廠合格證,而且要符合相關的標準要求,需要經過混凝土攪拌車生產商的檢查,達標后才能使用。
    2. For the outsourcing parts and purchased parts, the factory certificate of the manufacturer must be provided, and the relevant standard requirements shall be met. The inspection of the concrete mixer manufacturer shall be carried out before they can be used.
    3. 3m3混凝土攪拌車的生產商加裝的混凝土攪拌車的總質量不能超出公示容許的高值,轉向軸載質量和側傾平穩角應符合相關的要求。
    3. The total mass of the concrete mixer truck installed by the manufacturer of 3m3 concrete mixer truck shall not exceed the high value allowed by the public notice, and the steering axle load mass and roll stable angle shall meet the relevant requirements.
    4. 3m3混凝土攪拌車儲罐的焊接要均勻分布、豎直,表面無毛刺、包砂、裂縫等現象。
    4. The welding of 3m3 concrete mixer tank shall be evenly distributed and vertical, and the surface shall be free of burr, sand and crack.
    5. 對于所有露出的金屬,表面必須做防銹,車體外形及裝飾應別具一格,符合相關的要求。
    5. For all exposed metal, the surface must be antirust, and the body shape and decoration should be unique and meet the relevant requirements.
    6.3m3 混凝土攪拌車從進料到輸送機倒料結束,容許的久時間不能超出80分鐘,而且罐車按照規定持續運送不超300轉,混凝土攪拌車在行車的過程中時速不可超過60公里/h。
    The allowable time of 6.3m3 concrete mixer from feeding to the end of conveyor dumping shall not exceed 80 minutes, and the continuous transportation of tank truck shall not exceed 300 revolutions according to the regulations. The speed of concrete mixer truck during driving shall not exceed 60 km / h.
    7. 裝進的預拌混凝土必須在要求的時間內長途運輸到供貨地方,混泥土的質量必須符合的標準。
    7. The ready mixed concrete must be transported to the place of supply in a long distance within the required time, and the quality of concrete must meet the standard.
    8. 入料口的出口處規格不可少于600毫米,間距路面間距不可超過3.9米。
    8. The size of the outlet of the feed inlet shall not be less than 600mm, and the distance between the pavement and the pavement shall not be more than 3.9m.
    9. 3m3混凝土攪拌車的入料速度不能少于2.6m?/mln,進料速度需超過0.65m?/mln,進料料的殘存率在2%-5%之間。
    9. The feeding speed of 3m3 concrete mixer should not be less than 2.6m? / mln, the feeding speed should be more than 0.65M? / mln, and the residual rate of feeding material should be between 2% and 5%.
    5. 車子的各構件安裝必須堅固,各接入部分不能有受損、形變等現象。
    5. All components of the vehicle must be installed firmly, and the access parts shall not be damaged or deformed.
    4. 在車子大總質量的情況下,在坡道上行車不能有混泥土外流現象。
    4. Under the condition of large total mass of the vehicle, there should be no concrete outflow when driving on the ramp.
    12. 車子的制動系統必須符合的要求,車子的排污還要符合的標準。
    12. The brake system of the car must meet the requirements, and the emission standard of the car should also meet.
    13. 車體的每一項密封性性能必須良好,各個突面、管接頭及所有的接入部位均不可有滲水現象。
    13. Each sealing performance of the car body must be good, and no water seepage is allowed on all protruding surfaces, pipe joints and all connecting parts.
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