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          作者:http://www.kenguscpas.com 時間:2020-11-24

          As the saying goes, mixer three repair seven, maintenance is particularly important. This time, we will introduce in detail from three parts: maintenance before departure, maintenance during loading and unloading and matters needing attention during transportation.
          Check and find out the problems and remove the faults before leaving the vehicle. The mixer truck is afraid that the tank will not rotate on the road. Generally, the concrete tank can not be stopped for more than 2 hours, and the concrete tank with the grade of C40 or above cannot be stopped on the road. After the car starts, first let the jar rotate at a low speed, check the tire tread, tire pressure, etc. around the car, and check whether there are stones and nails stuck in the tire, and clean them up in time.
          Inspection of bolts includes connecting bolts between reducer and tank body, fixing bolts of reducer base, connecting bolts and U-bolts. Regular maintenance must be done in daily operation. Check whether the new car is loose before delivery. The first tightening cycle is seven days before use, and the subsequent inspection and fastening is conducted once a month to prevent accidents.
           潤滑油更換,包括減速機齒輪油、液壓系統中的液壓油、發動機機油等,一旦缺少就會對相關部件造成磨損,影響車子的整體性能。建議初次工作100小時更換,以后每1000小時更換一次(每年至少更換1次 )。
          Lubricating oil replacement, including gear oil of reducer, hydraulic oil in hydraulic system, engine oil, etc., will cause wear to relevant parts and affect the overall performance of the car. It is recommended to replace it after the first 100 hours of operation, and then every 1000 hours (at least once a year).
          When the radiator filter element is replaced, the radiator is equivalent to the breathing system of the car. Once the "breathing" is not smooth, the engine will overheat and cause cylinder explosion. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and replace the filter element in daily work, which can be replaced at the same time as the maintenance of the hydraulic system. When the vacuum gauge pointer is in the red area, the filter element should be replaced at least once a year.
          When adding grease, the transmission shaft, raceway, tugboat, main slot shaft, control lever and other parts should be filled with grease once a month to reduce the wear of key parts and prolong the service life.
          Thank you for reading. This article is from automatic mixer. For more information and questions, please click: http://www.kenguscpas.com We will continue to work hard to provide services for you, thank you for your support!


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